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WITHIN THE GLASS DARKLY - A NEW NOVEL, inspired by the title character of J. S. Le Fanu's 1872 novella, 'Carmilla'



by William Gareth Evans.

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Introduction to the story...

Nineteenth century Paris. A spate of grizzly murders has everyone gripped with fear as the killer continues to terrorise the city. There are rumours that a murderous ‘beast’ is stalking the streets of Paris at night…

A mysterious nobleman and his sister enter the lives of the Perrodon family and their friends. The unwary Parisians are about to encounter the terrifying reality of a darker world that will tear their young lives apart.

One man already knows the identity and true nature of the ‘beast’. He is also aware of an ancient vendetta against members of the Perrodon family. Only his knowledge and experience stands between them and their mutual nemesis.

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Title: Within The Glass Darkly

Author: William Gareth Evans

Genre: Horror  /   Style: Gothic Vampire thriller

Paperback. 338 pages

Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd.

Published: 29th Jan. 2010

Language: English (UK)

Dimensions: 20.2cms  x 12.6cms

ISBN-10: 1907211365

ISBN-13: 978-1907211362

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Using the title character of Le Fanu’s novella and some minor elements of the story, together with Stoker’s later expansion on vampire mythology, the original plot acknowledges both authors and their respective contributions to Gothic horror.

The creation of a new anti-hero has also been added to the vampire mythology through the original plot of this new work. Plus, the reintroduction of the original 'vampire hunter' of this era, General Spielsdorf.


Twenty-five years before Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” was published, another vampire story was at the height of its popularity. The story had been written by a fellow Irishman, called J. T. Sheridan Le Fanu.

His novella was titled “Carmilla”. The story first appeared in four issues of the magazine, “The Dark Blue” (from December 1871 to March 1872), and later in the 1872 collection of short stories by Le Fanu.

Now recognised as being a major influence on Bram Stoker and his famous vampire creation, Le Fanu was one of the first authors of this era to invent distinctive characteristics for the vampire and a way of destroying them.

Further evidence of a direct connection between Le Fanu and Stoker can be found in Stoker’s short story “Dracula’s Guest”. The story mentions a Countess of Styria, where Le Fanu sets his Carmilla story, and also indicates a female vampire. It was with this connection between Le Fanu and Stoker in mind that the author decided to write the novel, “Within The Glass Darkly”.


Illustration from “The Dark Blue” magazine.  1871.

The NEW NOVEL will be available early in 2010


Dracula, the Musical by Orton, Evans & Lynn






America - USA




"Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring" - Bram Stoker 1897


from a recent issue of WHAT'S ON STAGE - The UK Theatre Magazine :

"Evita started as a concept album. Why not Dracula? This 70 minute CD has already gathered a battalion of fans (or should they be fangs?). It's a powerful new Gothic musical that remains faithful to the original novel and has enough dramatic bite to keep you listening well beyond moonrise.

With music by Christopher J. Orton and Lyrics by Gareth Evans, the songs deliver just the right measure of dramatic passion to get the blood pumping. And when you've got one hell of a vocalist like Les Miserables stalwart Michael McCarthy hitting all the right notes in the title role, something really does begin to quiver on the side of the neck. First the concept. Then the concert? Next, the West End?"

The Editor - What's On Stage Magazine

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