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"Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring" - Bram Stoker 1897

The Dracula Musical concept album can be purchased from Dress Circle: The London Musical Theatre Store. Now also available to buy at the Sound of Music Store (and website), Germany.

The Dracula Musical Album is now available in the USA, via the American / internet based supplier CD BABY

Dracula Musical Album & Single Tracks - Downloads now available from iTunes

Dracula Musical - Recent News

Sang de Vie Productions Ltd. Presents Bram Stoker's 'DRACULA', the musical by Evans, Orton and Lynn.

Dracula Musical and Sang de Vie News - Summer 2012

Read how the renowned 15th century warlord, Vlad Dracula, became the world’s most notorious vampire in the sequel to "Within the Glass Darkly"

Dracula, the Devil’s Nosferatu

A New Vampire Novel by William Gareth Evans

Until the nineteenth century, scant information existed concerning the ethereal species, known as Nosferatu, Vampire or the un-dead. These were the earliest of times in which modern man battled a very ancient enemy.

Only distorted mythical accounts survived in East European and Celtic folklore that gave any clue to the existence of humanity’s past battles with the preternatural creatures.

Sparse methodology remained of the procedures employed to counter their attacks. This was the age of discovery for those few brave individuals that dared to confront the damned perpetrators of a hellish plague.

Dracula, the Devil’s Nosferatu’ is now available in ebook format.

Amazon: US  /  UK  

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Dracula–The Devil’s Nosferatu continues the course of events established in the prequel novel, Within the Glass Darkly. The novel can be read as a sequel or as a story in its own right.

By way of homage to Bram Stoker, the author has included a fresh reinterpretation of Stoker’s Dracula within the pages of the novel. Several familiar characters from Stoker’s work feature throughout the book, which develops the original plot of its prequel novel, Within the Glass Darkly.

Dracula, the Devil's Nosferatu traverses centuries of vampire lore and further reveals new aspects to the origin of the Nosferatu. The story covers several eras, from ancient history to the 15th and 19th centuries. The author has also used details of actual historic events to enhance and develop the plot throughout the novel.

The story is as much about the human struggle to learn methods by which they can confront and defeat the preternatural creatures as it is about the true nature of the vampire. To some extent the book is an account of the Vampire as originally presented in Victorian literature, paying due homage to Le Fanu and Stoker. The novel deliberately mirrors that earlier time in Gothic novel writing and reveals a possible reason for the historic and fictional Dracula becoming inseparable within this genre.

Dracula, the musical by Evans, Orton & Lynn.

* Dracula Musical New Recording - As indicted in pervious news, we are currently recording more music for the complete version of our Dracula musical production. This will include eleven new tracks, additional music (recitative), underscored dialogue and a re-orchestration of the entire score. There are twenty-three numbers, excluding reprised songs in the current production. This work will continue throughout 2011. We intend to release the recordings as soon as possible, after the completion of this album (2013).

Theatrical performance rights for the stage version of the Dracula musical, as heard on the complete album, will probably be available after 2013.


* Movie Production News - Sang de Vie Productions has co-produced a feature length movie. It is a horror film. More will be revealed about the new professionally directed film during 2012 - This movie will soon be out of post production. For release during 2012.


* Other News - The NEW version of the vampire novel, "WITHIN THE GLASS DARKLY", by William Gareth Evans has been published. The sequel novel, ‘Dracula, The Devil’s Nosferatu’ will be available in 2012.





by William Gareth Evans.

The book is now available to buy

Introduction to the story...

Nineteenth century Paris. A spate of grizzly murders has everyone gripped with fear as the killer continues to terrorise the city. There are rumours that a murderous ‘beast’ is stalking the streets of Paris at night…

A mysterious nobleman and his sister enter the lives of the Perrodon family and their friends. The unwary Parisians are about to encounter the terrifying reality of a darker world that will tear their young lives apart.

One man already knows the identity and true nature of the ‘beast’. He is also aware of an ancient vendetta against members of the Perrodon family. Only his knowledge and experience stands between them and their mutual nemesis.

See our STORE

You can also order this novel from: AMAZON UK   /  AMAZON USA   or download from  LULU

Read more about the new novel: Within The Glass Darkly

In 2006, we brought you the professionally produced concept CD…

In 2007, we produced the professionally directed video of “Within My World” from the show.

Since 2008, when the video became available on the internet and television, it has been watched by hundreds of thousands of people and has further expanded the musical’s fan base on a global scale …

The Dracula musical will receive its professional stage premiere within the next eighteen months.
The venue of the stage premiere will be announced in due course.

A NEW sample track of three short songs : CLICK

Further recordings for the forthcoming CD of the complete work is underway...

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For further details, please visit the website: SANG  DE  VIE  PRODUCTIONS  LTD

The professionally directed film of "Within My World" from the professional musical, Dracula, by Evans Orton and Lynn premiered on Sky TV's oMusic channel during July.

More information about the premiere of the professional musical, Dracula, by Evans, Orton and Lynn will be announced in the New Year.

In the meantime, you can still buy the professionally produced CD of Dracula from CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, the official Dracula musical website and many other online stores. The CD is also available from Dress Circle, London, and at the Sound of Music store in Germany.

The production team will release more news concerning their professional musical, Dracula, during the coming months.


Just for your information the Dracula "Within My World" video is showing on Sky channel 359 "O Music"

The video will continue to play daily until further notice. Thanks for your support and let us know if you see it!

Review quotes from the December issue of WHAT'S ON STAGE - The UK Theatre Magazine :

"...A powerful new Gothic musical that remains faithful to the original novel"

"The songs deliver just the right measure of dramatic passion to get the blood pumping"

" ... Michael McCarthy hitting all the right notes in the title role"

"This 70 minute CD has already gathered a battalion of fans"

"...has enough dramatic bite to keep you listening well beyond moonrise"

The Editor - What's On Stage Magazine.  See full review in the Newsletter

* The Dracula Musical Concept album remains on the BEST SELLER musical CD charts at several retail outlets in many countries.  The CD is available from Dress Circle (London); the Sound of Music store (Germany), CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes and many online music stores.

The concept album is produced by Sang de Vie Productions Ltd.

The album has received an overwhelmingly enthusiastic reception from members of the general public.

The tracks that can be heard on the website are low quality audio samples. These sample tracks can only give an indication of the musical delights that await those who purchase the album. An abridged version of the full synopsis is available with the album.

* The Dracula Musical has a MySpace profile.
At the moment you can listen to the complete album versions of "Within My World" (which is not the same as the short version you can hear on the Dracula website), "Never To Die", "Those Dreams of Long Ago" and the "Dracula Overture".
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"With a stunning orchestra and stellar lyrics, Evans and Orton have composed a masterpiece. Closely following the book, their rendition returns to Count Dracula what society has so horrifically stolen from him. Michael McCarthy excels as the chilling and sensual lead role. Songs such as "I Am Condemned," "Within My World," and "Never to Die" allow listeners to see a full range of emotion and power. A beautiful, inspired recording, Dracula gives you chills every time you hear it."
(From Amazon)

"Beautiful, moving and inspired"
(From iTunes)

"Fantastic musical. I am a lyricist and librettist and I can really appreciate good work. This is Broadway quality all the way!"
(From CD Baby)

"Great score and moving libretto
Exceptional musical outstanding recording"

(From CD Baby)

"Geniuses Gareth Evans and Christopher J. Orton composed a musical adaptation of Dracula–in English! I’ve spent the whole day listening to it, and it’s love. (I love Dracula and Renfield...) Michael McCarthy makes for a stellar Vlad."
(From A Writers Corner)

"Dracula? Really? Truly? WOW! I love the book and I never knew it was a musical until about five minutes ago and now I'm buying it and OH MY GOD! Wow. I listened to the previews and the voices and melodies are absolutely beautiful and heart-wrenching…BUY THIS!"
(From iTunes)

"Dark, Moody & Romantic... What's not to love?? The songs from this show paint a rich picture of a classic tale of immortal love turned obsession. The songs are heartfelt, the music is dramatic and the singers are passionate. My top 3 songs would be: I Am Condemned, Never to Die and Those Dreams of long ago. You will love this musical!"
(From iTunes)

Surprisingly Good! Wasn't sure what to expect from this musical version of Dracula... but it's actually very good! The music is very passionate and the cast excellently suited for their roles. Favorite song ~ "In Your Eyes"
(From iTunes)

"I've simply fallen in love with the music. "


And there are also many, many, more comments on the Dracula Musical MySpace profile...

* Dracula album track is played on national radio *

"Those Dreams of Long Ago" (with vocals by Stephanie Benavente) received its first national radio broadcast. This was on the Elaine Paige show (BBC Radio 2). Many thanks to Elaine Paige for playing the track from the Dracula concept album.

The Dracula Musical Album is now available in the USA, via the American / internet based supplier CD BABY

Dracula Musical Album & Single Tracks - Downloads now available from iTunes




Dracula - The Musical

By Orton, Evans & Lynn

The Concept Album

Featuring ...

 Seventeen original tracks

 Seventy minutes of music


Michael McCarthy as Dracula






America - USA



London - UK


The producers of the album are Sang de Vie Productions Ltd. They can be contacted via their website.


Recent Comments from the Dracula Musical Profile at MySpace:-

* Please, BRING THIS ON BROADWAY IN AMERICA!!! I love the album so much!!!

* I love the music. I became an instant fan!

* It's tough getting a show the recognition it deserves but sounds like you deserve it.

* I LOVE the CD!!!!  I hope you get it staged soon... And when it comes to the U.S. I want to sing Mina!

  I'm really impressed! You guys did such a great job on it!

* Dracula is fantastic.

* I was immediately enchanted with the music. It's wonderful.

* I love the songs and can't wait to see the show.

* Superb musical arrangements, the instrumentation is top class.

* I am so EXCITED to see someone was actually smart enough to peruse this!!!

* Ah what I wouldn't do to be in that orchestra.

  Your love of music and orchestration really shows in the power of your songs.

* All songs paint a picture and tell a story but when that song can make tears fall from your eyes, that's magic.

  Your songs are magic.

* Truly. This really is a work of art... everyone involved should rightly be proud

* I have intense anticipation to see this musical and get my hands on this CD.

* I love the music. I hope the musical comes to Germany next year!


*The Dracula Musical has a MySpace profile.
At the moment you can listen to the complete album versions of "Within My World" (which is not the same as the short version you can hear on the Dracula website), "Never To Die", "Those Dreams of Long Ago" and the "Dracula Overture".
If you are a member of MySpace, please link to us.

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Book and Lyrics by Gareth Evans. Music by Christopher J. Orton. Orchestration & All Additional Music by Ian Lynn.

Copyright © and P 2000 - 2012 by Gareth Evans. Copyright © and P 2004 - 2012 Christopher J. Orton / Ian Lynn.

The concept album of the musical, “Dracula”, is produced by Sang de Vie Productions Ltd.

Dracula. Copyright © and P 2006-2012 by Sang de Vie Productions Ltd. All rights reserved.

All forms of reproduction of any part of this recorded work are strictly prohibited by law.