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The Dracula Musical Concept Album

Dracula - The Concept Recording of the new musical
The fully orchestrated and professionally produced concept album of this NEW MUSICAL is available to purchase from Dress Circle (The Showbiz Store), London and at the Sound Of Music store, Germany.


Review quotes from the December issue of WHAT'S ON STAGE - The UK Theatre Magazine :

"...A powerful new Gothic musical that remains faithful to the original novel"

"The songs deliver just the right measure of dramatic passion to get the blood pumping"

" ... Michael McCarthy hitting all the right notes in the title role"

"This 70 minute CD has already gathered a battalion of fans"

"...has enough dramatic bite to keep you listening well beyond moonrise"

The Editor - What's On Stage Magazine. 


Dracula - The Musical adapted from Bram Stoker's Classic Gothic Novel

The Concept Album of the genuinely New Musical, Dracula, by Orton, Evans and Lynn

Click on the icons below to hear short low quality audio samples from the album: 


* Dracula Overture

* I Am Condemned  

* The Proper Thing To Do

* Within My World

* This Is My Chance

* It's a Different World  

* I'm Really Not Insane  

* For The Good of Mankind


* In Your Eyes

* When She Came Into My Life

* The Lady in White

* For The Angel You Are

* She Devil. Nosferatu

* Never To Die

* Your Heart's Desire

* Those Dreams of Long Ago

* Finale

* Dracula album track is played on national radio *

"Those Dreams of Long Ago" (with vocals by Stephanie Benavente) received its first national radio broadcast on December 3rd. This was on the Elaine Paige show (BBC Radio 2). Many thanks to Elaine Paige for playing the track from the Dracula concept album.

Dracula Musical Album & Single Tracks - Downloads now available from iTunes

There are thirty numbers in the complete work. Seventeen tracks are on the concept recording

70 minutes of music from the show

Buy the album at Dress Circle (London): DRACULA - THE  MUSICAL

Buy the album at Sound of Music store (Germany): DRACULA - THE  MUSICAL

The Dracula Musical Album is now available in the USA, via the American / internet based supplier CD BABY

The producers of the album are Sang de Vie Productions Ltd. They can be contacted via their website.


Recent Comments from the Dracula Musical Profile at MySpace:-

Recent Comments from all over the world, from the Dracula Musical Profile at MySpace:-

* Please, BRING THIS ON BROADWAY IN AMERICA!!! I love the album so much!!!

* I love the music. I became an instant fan!

* It's tough getting a show the recognition it deserves but sounds like you deserve it.

* I LOVE the CD!!!!  I hope you get it staged soon... And when it comes to the U.S. I want to sing Mina!

  I'm really impressed! You guys did such a great job on it!

* Dracula is fantastic.

* I was immediately enchanted with the music. It's wonderful.

* I love the songs and can't wait to see the show.

* Superb musical arrangements, the instrumentation is top class.

* I am so EXCITED to see someone was actually smart enough to peruse this!!!

* Ah what I wouldn't do to be in that orchestra.

  Your love of music and orchestration really shows in the power of your songs.

* All songs paint a picture and tell a story but when that song can make tears fall from your eyes, that's magic.

  Your songs are magic.

* Truly. This really is a work of art... everyone involved should rightly be proud

* I have intense anticipation to see this musical and get my hands on this CD.

* I love the music. I hope the musical comes to Germany next year!


*The Dracula Musical has a MySpace profile.
At the moment you can listen to the complete album versions of "Within My World" (which is not the same as the short version you can hear on the Dracula website), "Never To Die", "Those Dreams of Long Ago" and the "Dracula Overture".
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Book and Lyrics by Gareth Evans. Music by Christopher J. Orton. Orchestration & All Additional Music by Ian Lynn.

Copyright © and P 2000 - 2012 by Gareth Evans. Copyright © and P 2004 - 2012 Christopher J. Orton / Ian Lynn.

The concept album of the musical, “Dracula”, is produced by Sang de Vie Productions Ltd.

Dracula. Copyright © and P 2006-2012 by Sang de Vie Productions Ltd. All rights reserved.

All forms of reproduction of any part of this recorded work are strictly prohibited by law.