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Dracula Musical Lyrics - These remain under copyright - *See notice*

Dracula is the new musical by Gareth Evans and Christopher J. Orton, with orchestrations and additional music by Ian Lynn.  Dracula, the musical is an adaptation of Bram Stoker's classic gothic novel, 'Dracula'.
This collaborative work accurately represents the dark Victorian world of Stoker's novel whilst making a direct connection between the fictional vampire and historic figure, Vlad Tepes - Dracula. The libretto has been deliberately written with due consideration to the period and intention of the original 1897 novel.

* The following lyrics are from the musical, "Dracula" by Evans, Orton and Lynn. The lyrics are not to be copied and / or used other than for their original purpose. All lyrics remain under copyright to their creator. Permission must be sought from the creative team to use any part of the musical work.

The Dracula musical concept album was professionally produced and released in 2006 and has subsequently garnered great critical and public acclaim. The CD continues to sell successfully worldwide.

The professionally directed Video of "Within My World", from the Dracula Musical, is regularly broadcast on O-Music Television. Filmed by an award winning feature film director in 2007, the acclaimed video can also be seen on the internet.

This already proven new musical work has a large and established fan-base, through the production of the concept CD and the video during the past two years. Thousands of people throughout the world have informed us that they would dearly love to see this show and to hear more of the songs that have held them enthralled...

The producers of the album are Sang de Vie Productions Ltd. They can be contacted via their website.

Sang de Vie Productions Ltd. presents 'Dracula', the musical adapted from Bram Stoker's novel

 The Dracula Musical Album is now available in the USA, via the American / internet based supplier CD BABY

 Dracula Musical Album & Single Tracks - Downloads now available from iTunes

The professionally directed film of "Within My World" from the professional musical, Dracula, by Evans Orton and Lynn premiered on Sky Television's oMusic channel during 2008.



More information about the premiere of the professional musical, Dracula, by Evans, Orton and Lynn will be announced during 2009.

In the meantime, you can still buy the professionally produced CD of Dracula from CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, the official Dracula musical website and many other online stores. The CD is also available from Dress Circle, London, and at the Sound of Music store in Germany.

The production team will release more news concerning their professional musical, "Dracula", during the coming months.


The Dracula Musical Album is now available in the USA, via the American / internet based supplier CD BABY

The producers of the album are Sang de Vie Productions Ltd. They can be contacted via their website.


The Dracula Musical Concept Album


Review quotes from an issue of WHAT'S ON STAGE - The UK Theatre Magazine :


"...A powerful new Gothic musical that remains faithful to the original novel"

"The songs deliver just the right measure of dramatic passion to get the blood pumping"

" ... Michael McCarthy hitting all the right notes in the title role"

"This 70 minute CD has already gathered a battalion of fans"

"...has enough dramatic bite to keep you listening well beyond moonrise"

The Editor - What's On Stage Magazine.  See full review in the Newsletter



Dracula - The Musical

By Orton, Evans & Lynn

The Concept Album

Featuring ...

 Seventeen original tracks

 Seventy minutes of music


Michael McCarthy as Dracula






America - USA




  NEW Sample Track - "Dracula Musical Compilation : WMA File

"Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring"  - Bram Stoker 1897

DRACULA CONCEPT ALBUM - A small sample of Customer Reviews:

"With a stunning orchestra and stellar lyrics, Evans and Orton have composed a masterpiece. Closely following the book, their rendition returns to Count Dracula what society has so horrifically stolen from him. Michael McCarthy excells as the chilling and sensual lead role. Songs such as "I Am Condemned," "Within My World," and "Never to Die" allow listeners to see a full range of emotion and power. A beautiful, inspired recording, Dracula gives you chills every time you hear it."
(From Amazon)

"Beautiful, moving and inspired"
(From iTunes)

"Fantastic musical. I am a lyricist and librettist and I can really appreciate good work. This is Broadway quality all the way!"
(From CD Baby)

"Great score and moving libretto
Exceptional musical outstanding recording"

(From CD Baby)

"Geniuses Gareth Evans and Christopher J. Orton composed a musical adaptation of Dracula–in English! I’ve spent the whole day listening to it, and it’s love. (I love Dracula and Renfield...) Michael McCarthy makes for a stellar Vlad."
(From A Writers Corner)

"Dracula? Really? Truly? WOW! I love the book and I never knew it was a musical until about five minutes ago and now I'm buying it and OH MY GOD! Wow. I listened to the previews and the voices and melodies are absolutely beautiful and heart-wrenching…BUY THIS!"
(From iTunes)

"Dark, Moody & Romantic... What's not to love?? The songs from this show paint a rich picture of a classic tale of immortal love turned obsession. The songs are heartfelt, the music is dramatic and the singers are passionate. My top 3 songs would be: I Am Condemned, Never to Die and Those Dreams of long ago. You will love this musical!"
(From iTunes)

Surprisingly Good! Wasn't sure what to expect from this musical version of Dracula... but it's actually very good! The music is very passionate and the cast excellently suited for their roles. Favorite song ~ "In Your Eyes"
(From iTunes)

"I've simply fallen in love with the music. "


The producers of the album are Sang de Vie Productions Ltd. They can be contacted via their website.



Book and Lyrics by Gareth Evans. Music by Christopher J. Orton. Orchestration & All Additional Music by Ian Lynn.

Copyright © and P 2000 - 2012 by Gareth Evans. Copyright © and P 2004 - 2012 Christopher J. Orton / Ian Lynn.

The concept album of the musical, “Dracula”, is produced by Sang de Vie Productions Ltd.

Dracula. Copyright © and P 2006-2012 by Sang de Vie Productions Ltd. All rights reserved.

All forms of reproduction of any part of this recorded work are strictly prohibited by law.