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Movie Investment - Our faith in this new production

The Filmed Production of Dracula - The Musical by Evans, Orton & Lynn

A 90 minute Hi-Definition Television and DVD event programming for International Broadcast.

Musical Pedigree of a Product that already has an established following -


Since the release of the professionally produced concept album, in 2006, and the video of one of the main numbers from the show, in 2007; the work has been met with great critical acclaim and many encouraging comments from the public.

The high production quality of the recorded musical work has meant that the Dracula musical concept album continues to sell successfully throughout the world. The video of  the "Within My World" song from the show is regularly broadcast on Television and is also watched by tens of thousands of people on the internet.

In fact, the positive public response to the CD and VIDEO was overwhelming; and was followed by many enthusiastic requests to hear and see more from this new work.

Indeed, it is the hope of this musical's growing worldwide fan base that they will be able to see the fully produced work.



Continuing Worldwide Appeal


DRACULA - The book, the films, the concept overall is eternal. Both thematically and in its acceptance worldwide for its thrilling, romantic, diverting entertainment. The public thirst for the vampire genre never appears to be sated.

DRACULA, the musical by Orton, Evans & Lynn - There can only be one cinematic version of this musical because the music and lyrics are unique to this particular work. The screenplay has been adapted from the stage script of the complete work by Orton, Evans and Lynn.




The Director -- An award winning feature film director and screenwriter who has worked with many Hollywood actors.

The Cast -- All professional actors from West End and / or Broadway Theatre. Their collective experience also includes featured roles in Film and Television.

The 21 Original Musical Numbers -- Fourteen numbers from the concept album, that have been reworked and re-recorded. With an additional ten, never heard before, numbers from the original work.



"Within My World" Video from the Dracula Musical


  Review quotes from an issue of WHAT'S ON STAGE - The UK Theatre Magazine :

"...A powerful new Gothic musical that remains faithful to the original novel"

"The songs deliver just the right measure of dramatic passion to get the blood pumping"

" ... Michael McCarthy hitting all the right notes in the title role"

"This 70 minute CD has already gathered a battalion of fans"

"...has enough dramatic bite to keep you listening well beyond moonrise"

The Editor - What's On Stage Magazine.



Contact & Further Details


Sang de Vie Productions Ltd. can be contacted via the telephone number on this website.

Contact Name - Stephanie Evans.


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