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The writers of 'Dracula', the musical based on Bram Stoker's classic gothic novel

Dracula is the new musical by Gareth Evans and Christopher J. Orton, with orchestrations and additional music by Ian Lynn. The musical is an adaptation of Bram Stoker's classic gothic novel, 'Dracula'.
This collaborative work accurately represents the dark Victorian world of Stoker's novel whilst making a direct connection between the fictional vampire and historic figure, Vlad Tepes - Dracula. The libretto has been deliberately written with due consideration to the period and intention of the original 1897 novel.
This professional work is a musical based upon the novel (and Stoker's original references for the novel) and not based upon a film version, or some romantic idea, of the story and title character.

Gareth Evans - Book & Lyrics / Producer

Gareth trained as a professional actor and has worked in theatre and television. In the past, he has also written, produced and directed touring shows with his own company. He is now an associate director of a successful London based management for professional performers. As a writer / lyricist, he has been involved in many musical theatre productions, including two previous shows that were broadcast on BBC and independent radio in the UK. He was also the lyricist for a specially written award winning show for children. "Dracula" is his first collaborative musical theatre project with Christopher J. Orton and with Ian Lynn. Gareth is currently working on the book and lyrics for an original musical and has just completed the libretto for another novel inspired musical. This original work is based upon a popular, and 'controversial', 19th century tale which has never before been attempted in this form. He has written several screenplays, including one based upon another Gothic tale. His recent novel, 'Within The Glass Darkly' was published in 2010.

During 2009, his company has co-produced a feature length movie, which will be out of post production soon. There will be more details about the new productions and further news on the progress of the Dracula musical during 2010.

More background to this work -

"For me, the presentation of Bram Stokerís novel, Dracula, as a musical began in the 1980ís; having been first introduced to the novel about forty years ago.
Some of the lyrics and script I penned in the 1980ís still survive in the present version of our musical, Dracula.
The first version of the musical book / libretto was completed at the turn of the century. Ambitiously, it included over thirty-five lyric (song) structures to be set to music. At that time, the intension was to create a predominantly sung through musical with some dialogue and narrative; to mirror the diary and journal entries of Stokerís original novel.
More than this, the musical was to represent the main plot of Stokerís novel which, staying true to Stokerís intension, would not include any romantic attachment between the characters of Dracula and Mina.
As far as I could tell, at that time, no one had attempted this subject as a professional musical whilst remaining true to Bram Stokerís novel. To present the title character as he is in the original book. To my knowledge, this remains the case".
Website: Sang de Vie Productions Ltd /   Gareth's MySpace Profile

Christopher J. Orton - Composer

Christopher J Orton is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music and won the Cameron Mackintosh Award for most outstanding talent during his course. This talented 23 year old composer has already written two original full scale musicals in recent years and has had both of them showcased by a professional cast in London to rave press reviews. Christopher also has several of his other musical theatre projects in development, including "My Land's Shore" and "Elephant Juice".
As a composer and musician, Christopher continues to work on several performance and recording productions with various professional companies.
He is not only a talented composer, lyricist and musician but also a professional singer and actor. Apart from recording an album of his own songs, Christopher is currently working as a musical theatre performer and musician throughout the world. He has just returned from a world tour as lead vocalist on the QE2 and will soon be working in Germany with an opera company. He returns for another tour on the QE2 in 2008.
Website: Christopher J. Orton

Ian Lynn - Orchestrations / Production / Composer

Ian is a professional and very experienced composer, musician, arranger, musical director and producer.
His vast catalogue of work includes composing and producing for television, film and video; orchestrating / producing for numerous professional artists and being the MD for many professional shows.
Some of his MD, composition and production work for Film, TV and video includes, "Bravo Two Zero", "Tinfish", "Life and Loves of a She Devil", "Great Railway Journeys of the World", "The Firm", "These Foolish Things" and has recently composed the score for the film, "The Clandestine Marriage".
He has worked with many high profile professional performers as an MD, musician and producer.
Ian also works as a guest lecturer in composition at universities and colleges.
Website: Ian Lynn

The producers of the album are Sang de Vie Productions Ltd. They can be contacted via their website.


The Dracula Musical Concept Album

DRACULA - The Concept Recording of the new musical

The fully orchestrated and professionally produced concept album of this NEW MUSICAL is available to purchase from Dress Circle (The Showbiz Store), London, and at the Sound Of Music store, Germany.

The concept album is currently a BEST SELLER at Dress Circle

Buy the album at Dress Circle (London): DRACULA - THE  MUSICAL

Buy the album at Sound of Music store (Germany): DRACULA - THE  MUSICAL

The Dracula Musical Album is now available in the USA, via the American / internet based supplier CD BABY

Dracula Musical Album & Single Tracks - Downloads now available from iTunes

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Brief History of the Musical

The musical "Dracula" has taken a number of years to reach the present stage of development. After extensive research had been conducted by the lyricist in 1999 / 2000 (including the use of references to Stoker's original notes for the novel), the initial lyric structures for some of the proposed songs and the outline of the musical plot were written. The first version of the complete libretto had been produced by 2003 and has subsequently been further improved. (see above for more background)
Christopher J. Orton and Gareth Evans began working together on the project in 2004, when Christopher began setting the libretto to his original music and to create the score for the work.
After the lyricist and composer had recorded some demo material of their work in 2004, and following some private cast readings of scenes, an opportunity arose to produce a professional concept recording of the show. This process began in 2005 after the noted composer, arranger and musical director, Ian Lynn, agreed to orchestrate the work.
The album features the leading West End musical theatre performer, Michael McCarthy, singing the title role.
The UK Theatre Magazine, What's On Stage, published a very positive review of the Dracula concept album in its December 2006 issue. Recently, a track from the album was played on national radio. That was on the Elaine Paige show on BBC Radio 2.
A further album of the complete Dracula musical is planned and that process will begin during 2009.
The producers of the album are Sang de Vie Productions Ltd. They can be contacted via their website.



Book and Lyrics by Gareth Evans. Music by Christopher J. Orton. Orchestration & All Additional Music by Ian Lynn.

Copyright © and P 2000 - 2012 by Gareth Evans. Copyright © and P 2004 - 2012 Christopher J. Orton / Ian Lynn.

The concept album of the musical, ďDraculaĒ, is produced by Sang de Vie Productions Ltd.

Dracula. Copyright © and P 2006-2012 by Sang de Vie Productions Ltd. All rights reserved.

All forms of reproduction of any part of this recorded work are strictly prohibited by law.